2 cyclists killed in Boise this week... (now 3 in a month)

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I hadn't heard about this. Looks like a very bad week for cycling in the valley...

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Subject: [HP Boise Cycling Club] Recent Boise Bike fatalities and accidents

Hello all,

I am saddened by recent news of two cyclist fatalities this week in Boise. Jim Chu was a long time employee of HP who had recently started working with another company here in town. He was commuting from work on his bicycle when the accident occurred. Jim was a father of two daughters who attend the same school as my sons. The other fatality was an Idaho Power employee who also appears to have been commuting home. See the story at: http://www.idahostatesman.com/newsupdates/story/778994.html

In addition, Lost River Cyclist Gene Pori was in an accident on Wednesday night as part of the Lost River Club Ride and broke his arm. A car had passed him on Floating Feather and then turned right in front of him (referred to as a Right Hook).

It would appear that all 3 of these accidents have an element of inattentive driving.

As we head into the Memorial Day Weekend and a summer season of cycling, please remember to be Visible, Predictable, and Alert in your commuting and recreational riding. Don't zone out when you are on the road or in a bike lane. Enjoy your ride, but be mindful of your surroundings.


Jeff Larsen

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Wow, that's horrible... and only just the week after the Boise Bike Week celebration.

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Info on the memorial ride for Jim Chu.

Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 14:31:27 -0600
From: George Knight
Subject: [Idahobikeracing] Memorial Ride for Jim Chu

Last week on Tuesday, May 19, a van hit bicyclist Jim Chu, who was having a
lunchtime ride along Orchard Street south of I-84 in Boise. Jim died two
days later as a result of severe traumatic brain injury. He was wearing a
helmet at the time of the crash.
Jim's funeral will be held on Friday, May 29, at 1:00 p.m. Services are at
the Cathdral of the Rockies, located at 11th and Washington near downtown
Boise. Burial will occur at the Dry Creek Cemetary.
The family wants bicyclists to lead the funeral procession partway from the
church to the cemetary, and they hope for a large turnout. There is no
requirement that you attend the funeral service itself, but the family
welcomes all who wish to come inside. If you are available and want to join
just the ride, please arrive at the Cathedral of the Rockies around 1:45
p.m. on Friday. The procession will stage on 11th Street, and will be fully
escorted once underway.
I hope that you can join us on Friday, and please accept my apologies if you
receive this message more than once.
George C. Knight
Department of Philosophy
Mail Stop 1550, Boise State University
E-mail gknight@boisestate.edu
Telephone 208-426-2797

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More Horrible News!! This is tragic...

Please hold The Pavlis family in your thoughts today

We have lost a fine citizen and a stand-up member of the Idaho cycling community


A 37-year-old Meridian bicyclist died early Friday morning from injuries he sustained after getting hit Thursday evening by an SUV on Hill Road.

The cyclist was traveling with a group of other cyclists headed east on Hill Road about 7:44 p.m. Thursday, according to Boise police reports.

A 16-year-old driving an SUV was headed west on Hill Road and making a left-hand turn onto Smith Avenue, when the teen struck one of the cyclists.

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Wow, this sad

This is scary, and very sad. My heart goes out to all the rider's family and friends. After reading the article you linked it makes me a bit upset as well, they have yet to charge any of the drivers, I have a really hard time thinking that it is ok for a driver to kill a cyclist and the authorities can't get anything done about it. I highly doubt that on all three occasions the rider's were being stupid or breaking any laws. I was not there but it seems very unlikely.


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Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 09:56:25 -0600 (MDT)
From: kholzer@idahoinjurylaw.net
Subject: [Idahobikeracing] Speak up for Jim Chu-Tom Bettger and Kevin
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Cyclists here is a small thing to do for our fellow cyclists Jim Chu and Tom Bettger and now Kevin Pavlis.

Call the Ada County Chief Criminal Prosecutor--Roger Bourne

Let him know it is time to prosecute these drivers

The taking of these men's lives is a crime. It is called vehicular manslaughter

It is time for the authorities to hold the drivers' responsible for the crimes

phone: (208) 287-7700 fax: (208) 287-7709 e-mail:

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I know we don't have all the info

but it seems amazing to have a crash like that on Hill Rd when he was riding in a group. I would have though that would be a very safe way to travel. If people are getting hit on Hill Road, it makes you feel like no road is safe.

These accidents are starting to hit a large population. I work with several folks here who knew Jim. Terrible couple of weeks in the valley.

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This really hit home for me...

Cause my family and I were out riding on Hill Rd last night and I was at that same location 20 minutes before those riders were.... My thoughts are with this family.

So very very sad.....

I this is so unbelievable...I feel so much for his family. Years ago when a kid hit me by turning in front of me, he was at least ticketed. It seems that something really needs to be done to make the public more aware of what's happened and the consequences of not paying attention while driving.

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Kevin Pavlis Funeral Update

"...We haven't nailed down the exact location yet, but the services are tentatively scheduled for Saturday at 11:00 am. The obituary should be in Wednesday's paper and on Idaho Statesman's website. We are going to have the procession led by any avid cyclists that want to participate. I want the LAC group to lead the others to the cemetery. We are having someone ride his bike in front of the hearse and I would love them to wear his jersey. It was one of his newest and most favorite."

On behalf of LAC and Kevin's family you are invited to participate in this service and procession. So check the Statesman on Wednesday.

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More on the funeral plans

Hello All,

Memorial and burial services for Boise cyclist Kevin Pavlis, who died Friday after being hit by a teen driver on Hill Road the night before, are set for Saturday, June 20, 2009.

A memorial service for Pavlis is set to begin at 11 a.m. at the Meridian North Stake Center at 5555 N Locust Grove, which is located between Chinden Boulevard and McMillan Road.

That service is open to the public, as is a burial service at Dry Creek Cemetery following the memorial.

Any bicyclists who want to participate will lead the funeral procession from the Stake Center to Dry Creek Cemetery.

Cloverdale Funeral Home, which is handling Pavlis' arrangements, will have six motor escorts to help direct the procession.

Anyone with questions about the services can call Cloverdale Funeral Home at 375-2212.