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Ladd's LP200 - 2011 edition

Another incredible year, what a fun day! First off, a huge thanks to James for driving. I can't wait to see the photos.

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2011 Cycle for Independence

This was my first time doing this great charity ride for the blind and I had such a great experience. It was really well ran and my turkeu burger at the end was awesome! It looked like Reel Theatre had 10 members listed but I only saw Bob and Margo, Shelly and her son Kevin Green, Brad, Eric, Ladd, and myself.

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Cycle for Independence 2011 - recap

Perfect day! We didn't have as big of a crew as most years, but Rob, Eric, Brad, and I took off at 8:00 for the metric. I saw Shelley and Kevin on the same ride. Luckily no drama that I know of, no flats, no crashes, no wind, no rain. I had some friends from work sign up, so now I'm really curious how their day went.

As for the team category, we were tied for 5th with 10 riders. We were within striking distance to everybody but Jeff Larson's CBR -- he had 57!!!

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Race Recap: Montana

Attendance at the Montana Collegiate Omnium is likely the lowest of all the NWCCC races. For the western-most schools in the conference, the drive is as much as 14 hours by car. For Boise State, it's a mere 8 hours, which is more of an average length than an anomaly. But for me, making the drive alone in less that 24 hours proved difficult. Had it not been for the fact I was the third member of the Bronco contingent, coincidentally the minimum number required for participation in the team time trial, I might have made the argument that I should not attend.

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First race of the year - the "spring sprint" - a tri?!?!?!

Well, not really. I just did the bike leg for a team of friends.

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Race recap: Boise Omnium

On Saturday, one of my big goals for the year was accomplished in the BSU road race that was part of the collegiate omnium hosted by the BSU team. Surprisingly, the road race course included part of the ride that a large group of us took about a month ago, namely Little Feezeout Hill. In that respect, I was at least familiar with the course. Also, as part of the hosting club, I had the opportunity to drive the course to set up signage before the event to do even more reconnaissance. It was especially helpful to know how long climbs were to be able to gage my effort and output.

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Brief Moab recap...

Wow, it was an incredible week. I'm probably forgetting a lot, but I'll make a quick run through the week here:

19 folks came down initially. Harrison and Michele, and Harris and Brian met us down there on Monday. Josh and Eric showed up later, as did Dan, Brent, and Mike. So we started smaller, but kept growing!

The weather the whole week was perfect - sunny and warm.

MONDAY: awesome start to the week.

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Race recap and video: Walla Walla

Race report:

A year ago in Walla Walla, I raced in my first collegiate RR at age 39. A combination of poor pre-race nutrition and terrible hydration skills resulted in calf cramps that ultimately ended my hopes of finishing with the group. Off the back on the penultimate climb, I watched the infinitely more aerodynamic peloton disappear into the distance. If any race motivated me to train harder, learn more, and perform better, it was Walla Walla.

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2011 Red Bull Rampage at The Northgate Reel Theatre

Get down to the Reel for this movie fundraiser, brought to you by BAMBA & SID, to support the Eagle Bike Park!

04/07/2011 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
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Corvallis RR Recap

The first race of my final season of collegiate cycling began in Corvallis, Or early in the morning. The Men’s D road race started with 46 riders from a parking lot. In what turned out to be a mistake from the organizers, it was not neutralized. Following the parking lot roll out, a second 90-degree right turn on to a frontage road followed only 100 yards later. On that long, straight 2-mile road, a 12 MPH cross wind. So with two immediate turns and no neutralization, a handful of riders hammered it from the gun and the field went crazy.

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