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Ride Idaho 2011

Forgot to post anything about ride idaho, so I'll just link to Eric's ride data so it will be easy to find later:

Seriously, this is a really fun event. We only rode from Aug 6-9, but this is something that I really look forward to. Every year I think about trying a different tour, but it's sure hard to beat Ride Idaho!

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We're the best!

Well, we know it but I guess MSN supports it too.
click to the 3rd slide.

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What Cyclocross Category will you race this year?

A Group: Men's Pro/1/2
14% (1 vote)
B Group: Men's Cat 3, Master's 35+
43% (3 votes)
C Group: Women's 1/2/3/4, Men's 4, Master's 45+
29% (2 votes)
D Group: Juniors, First Time Riders.
14% (1 vote)
Total votes: 7
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4 Summit

Please comment and let me know what you think.

This was a fun, fun ride. I was hoping to see more of the crew, but alas...

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STP Video

Amazing ride as always! Next time, you're coming!

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Recap: Elkhorn Stage 3 Video

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Blue Cruise - 2011

Excellent event. Seemed very organized. The route was good, the weather was nice (some wind, but otherwise great) and lunch hit the spot. Dan, SteveO, Chris and I rolled out with the 100 mile group. Chris was busy filming everything, so I'm really looking forward to his report.

Without a bunch of "team reel" buddies, I ended up hanging with Chris and the DNA boys for most of the ride. Those guys are cool, we need to invite them on more rides (like the HBE loop I missed.) And Chris promised to start up the Tour de Food soon!

Good times!

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Alpine Loop

(What happened to Tom's PR post? I was going to add something...)

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