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CX State Champs

Just so you don't all have to hold your breath very long in suspense -- I'm not the newest state champ. There, that's out of the way... :)

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2011 CX State Champ Race

It was so great to have the state championship race in Boise and the crowd was awesome! Everytime I came by the start/finish I would get a big boost because the crowd was so loud. The course set up was by far the best course they have ever had at Sandy Point!!

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Nampa Cross

Interesting course today -- no run up (no hills at that park) and no barriers. Lots of tall, wet grass and tight corners. I rode as hard as I could but 1.5 laps in I overlapped wheels and went down and lost the group. I spent the rest of the day pretty much on my own, but having fun.

Yesterday the weather looked perfect, but then all the snow melted and it was a pretty spectacular day. Much too nice for cross, but I won't complain. Sunny and not too cold!

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My First Cross Race

Today was my first cross race at the Sicx Kuna race. I think I was the only one wearing the Reel kit in the cat 4 race. I finished 16th out of 24 and at the end some BYRDS kid sprinted past me. I figured I'd take him in the switchbacks because I can out maneuver, not realizing that it was the finish lap. Not too bad for a borrowed bike and the fact that my kids and I rode 17 miles to get to the race. It was fun. They found this gnarly mud puddle from the last rains and made us all ride through it. It was awesome to be all muddied up.

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Cyclocross: Wafflecross

Sadly, I came off the bike a couple of times. Not my best race. BUT THE CAMERA WORK...!!!!

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Velo #1 - cross!

Rob's excellent race report forgot to mention one thing - waffles! Brian has stepped it up again and now they had boxes of Honey Stinger Waffles as prizes for things like the first guy up the run up, and then they served actual waffles after the race.

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Cyclocross: Sandy Point (SICX1)

I think this is the 4th video without a comment so if these are a waste of space, I'll stop posting them.

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It's cyclocross season!

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Snake River Handicap (Race Video)

Enjoy, friends! I did.

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My Lotoja 2011

Lotoja yesterday. The crew was Rob, Terry, Don, Dan, Steve, Matt, and me. All of us raced in the 25+ Citizen class. First off, thanks to a bunch of folks. The Deeble's uncle for a place to crash the night before, Jon and Matt's mom Connie for driving support, Jason for helping us plan (wish you could have ridden with us!), Steve for his trailer, and Bobby for the van.

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