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Baker City Classic Criterium

This is a full edit using 3 onboard cameras and multi-cam editing in Final Cut Pro. It was so easy and looks so good. This type of video will be easy to make in the future.

Baker City Classic from Chris Haskell on Vimeo.

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Cycle Washington

First few days - hot! Really fun. Great routes. Amazing food. Yesterday was a century with a lot of climbing. Tonight we are back to the coast, getting ready to ride Whidby Island. (I'll post more when I have a keyboard!) The ride has about 70 folks, including 10 Dennings and 4 others representing Team Reel!

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Blue Cruise 2012

Saturday was the 2012 edition. Jenny and Dan patrolled the 50, and Chris and I rode the century.

Unlike this year's LeBow, the weather was PERFECT! I left my house at 6:20 with almost no extra gear - only arm warmers. I'm not a morning person (surprise) so I wasn't really excited about a hard, fast day, but Chris was positive like always and got me into the groove.

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LP200 reports?

Hey, where are everybody's LP200 reports? Here's my 2012 edition:

Start time - Dang it! Why can't we start with the other 2 Reel Theatre teams? But we crossed paths many times, so that was cool.

Driver - Joe drove for us and he's great. I hate to sound superior and all, but I'm sure I had the greatest group of guys to ride with!

Fast start - Rob promised that he was going to start easy, but of course he was charging from the start. Classic!

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You've gotta watch this. It has an exciting finish. This was my first crit of 2012. I know, June is a late start but I've been busy and traveling a ton. So, this race was originally about hanging in to the end, not getting dropped. However, when I realized I had some teammates, the goal changed to something more than not collapsing. Make sure you see the last 2 1/2 minutes, it pretty cool.

If you've been on the fence, this video should help you feel 100% more confidence about the character of these races and the quality of the riders. Way fun!

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Which day of the week should we have our club rides to get participation up?

Monday evening
0% (0 votes)
Tuesday evening
13% (2 votes)
Wednesday evening
0% (0 votes)
Thursday evening
87% (13 votes)
Friday evening
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 15
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LP 200 2012

Just wanted to take the time to thank Reel Theatre Team 3, Jason, Bobby, and Dan for an awesome experience Saturday. I just realized that I should have been running my strava on the race so unfortunatley I dont have any cool segment times. It look like everyone did well. I drove home on the course in reverse and was amazed on how long some of those segments go for and how hard everyone is pushing for those distances. Cudos to my whole team for pushing hard through each leg. Cudos to Matt for up chucking on the Banner climb and then finishing strong.

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China Wall = fun

I wouldn't head out there every day, but China Wall was pretty cool. And check out the view from the canyon!

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Tax Day Circuit Race

Another new video element, narration. Perhaps a little lame, but I thought I would give it a try.

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