SWICA Crit #3

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Realizing I have not done an adequate job posting videos on our forum this year, I give you the latest. I've had to upgrade the camera situation a little bit this year which has left me a couple of extras (By the way, Dan, I still have yours)... Click to read for more details.

One of the things that I've been doing is placing static cameras in different places along the course that just run during the races. I use those to edit together multiple shots to create a better looking video. I am close to a breakthrough in a way to tell these racing stories that is more compelling that previously done. We'll see.


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Very cool

The static cameras really add to the video. Well done!

Great video!

Love the commentary...the editing...and The Doors!

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The Doors - kind of...

I listened to a lot of Doors in high school, and I don't remember them ever putting out a "dance mix"!

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It is BT vs The Doors.

It is BT vs The Doors.