Strength in Numbers @ The Northgate Reel

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BAMBA (Boise Area Mountain Bike Association) will be doing a movie and raffle fundraiser at the Northgate Reel Theatre on Thursday May 10th. Tickets will go on sale at 6:30 and the movie and raffle will go from 7:00 til 9:00. Proceeds to benefit the Eagle Bike Park. Be there.

If the last 60 secs of this trailer don't get your stoke on, something's wrong with you.

Strength in Numbers - Official Trailer on

05/10/2012 - 7:00pm
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Well it didn't get me to excited until that last 20 seconds or so. I will be there.

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I ran into Ian yestarday on an an amazing mountain bike ride on the best day of the year so far. Ian is one of the guys in charge of trail maintanance and getting the fundraiser movie here. He informed me that the movie is $10 and includes one raffle ticket. $5 for each additional raffle ticket. I plan on being there, who else is going to be there? Anyone interested in a carpool?

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I'm a Loser (Can't Make It)

Planned on going with my son but found out we have two things going on tonight with our kids school acitivities. I will have to get the low down second hand.

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Great Times

The Movie was awesome. Makes you want to get on the Mnt Bike. After watching the movie I thought maybe I could. Then I remembered I can"t clear a 6 foot gap let alone a 30+. Oh well, the movie was great. Great to hang out with Rob and both of us won some raffle items.

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So sad

Kids spring concert. :( Next time.