State CX Champs

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Idaho State Championships from Jesse kroll on Vimeo.

While this video is not mine, I love what Jesse does. It captures a lot more of the event that I'm able to do on the bike. Good stuff. State championships was a fun event with an incredibly cool course. I'm sad that so many people missed it. I realize that this time of year is difficult and not everyone can do every event. Maybe next year. :-)

For me personally, it's been a lonely year of racing. The highlight was the handful of Tuesday night crits that I got to race with Eric and a couple others. The rest of the year, I took ribbing from folks about the “team.” I look forward to next year when I can participate in a couple more club events like Moab and mountain biking. Those seem to be better attended. I'm not upset or mad, people are busy and have very full lives and schedules. It's just more fun to race with teammates than without.

I'll get my next two videos up pretty quick. You can expect the race video from state cyclocross and the season highlights/crash reel. I think you'll like those.


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You're the man!

You are a great ambassador for the club and always positive. Chris - the club is lucky to have you.