Saturday 3/30/2013 Early Morning Ride

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Anyone in town? Anyone up for a early morning ride tomorrow. I plan on going out at 5am from my house and will probably ride till probably 8am. If anyone is going out later I could meet up at that time as well. Route to be determined. Possibly back door to Emmitt or Dump Loop with some addition. Just wanted to get a long ride in. Any takers.


Sat am ride

Tony and I are looking an 8:30 start to Emmett from LG church if you are still available then.

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Sat Ride

Sorry I missed you guys. Checked late last night and didn't see anything. Must have just missed you. Went out at 5:30 to 8:30 and did cartwright and then out warmsprings to micron and then back down victory to five mile. All on my big chain ring. Ouch. Maybe next time. Hope you had a great ride. It was nice out. Its getting warmer. All that have bikes. Dust them off and start getting out.

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Yes, Steve! That is a ride.

Yes, Steve! That is a ride. I did a triple dump loop mid-morning.


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Awesome. You are at a different level of Kudos. I don't even know what to call it. Ninja Kudos?