Sat. afternoon ride

Going for a nice warm ride on sat @ 2:30. Meet at Zion's bank. Who is in?

03/02/2013 (All day)
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I will be riding sometime on Saturday. I'll let you know if this time work for me.

Slatter! When are you riding? (If you miss Saturday, I could take out that sweet bike for you!)


I definitely want to get out on Saturday, but need to go in the am. Anyone else need a chilly am Saturday ride?

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Saturday afternoon sometime

I will probably ride Saturday afternoon, but I may be a little later than 2:30. I will keep you posted. Thanks for the heads up!

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Not sure when I can go but if the time works I will try to do so. Which Zion's bank would that be?

2:30 ride.

Zion's Bank @ Eagle and Chinden.

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What are all the options?

Jeff at 2:30, Jason earlier, Rob later? Jeff is winning so far, because I know when to meet him!

I'm trying to work a ski trip with my kids, but I should know soon what the family schedule looks like and then I'll bug y'all to see who will let me tag along on their ride.

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Early Crew

I just connected with Slatter. We are going to meet at 6:30 AM for a couple hour road ride. Meet at my place in Hobble Creek, lights and loaded...

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Brr and late

Brr and dark at 6:30; late and unmotivated by 2:30 - but that is just me.
I'm considering a LOOK! group ride at 10:00am, meet in front of Idaho Mountain Touring. The plan is to meet up with the IMT club; ride with them and then split off. Ride plan is to hang with IMT club to about River Birch Golf Course at Hwy 16, split off and ride around the area of Purple Sage or Speedway and then back. I guess there are some options.

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2:30 should work for me.