Racing in 2013

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Hey friends,

I know I've chatted with a few folks over the last 6 months about the upcoming season and racing. Racing has not been a big priority for most of our crew. It's not a criticism, just an observation. Young babies, growing families, and the like have limited what everyone is interested in doing. With the exception of a few crits, I flew the Team Reel banner alone at some 20 races last year. Even the cherished cyclocross season was off the radar of many of the clubbies. Again, no criticism at all. I totally get it.

With all the big races I do, I have grown tired of racing alone, without teammates. It makes it hard to have success when you're always a team of one. It limits your tactics and abilities. Because I am doing Ontario, Baker City, Bikes for Kids, Walla Walla, and the Mt. Hood Classic this year, I decided I wanted to travel with some teammates and see if I could provide some service to other riders in a domestique role and maybe even earn some points to move up.

As such, I accepted an offer with the Team (formerly Team VW) to do some of these big events this year. Please don't be offended. "It's not you, it's me. I just need to figure out who I am...." Kidding. I just need to set the stage for Team Reel's triumphant charge back into the racing arena in the next couple years when Eric stops making everyone woman in your neighborhood pregnant just by growing a goatee. Seriously, I won't even let my wife look at a picture with him in it.

I am not going anywhere, just doing some races under a different kit so that I can enjoy them more. I'll keep the videos flowing and make club rides and such.



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Oh yeah... we get it!

Nobody says you can't be on two teams... Good luck crushing it out there!

(PS: I just shaved the goatee... legs still to come)

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Totally understand. I know some of the guys you are going to ride with. Great group and very competitive.

I get it

You're a good guy, Chris. I too have wondered what is going on, because many riders now don't even get on the road at all. I know I didn't race except LP200 and LOTOJA and triathlons when I could run, and I really want to do more crits this year...but what has happened to everyone? What happened to the exceptional biking demographics in Hobble Creek? I know we're all getting older, so where is the rising generation? I hope the trend reverses soon.

See you at the crits.

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Racing for 2013


Best of luck and sorry we didn't get it "more together". See you at some of the races hopefully this year and looking forward to the cool vids!

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Nothing to be sorry about.

Nothing to be sorry about. We are going to have the most amazing 50+ team around in a few years.