Pedal for Patients

Ok, I admit this is part report and part shameless plug to get people to do this with me next year.

I have never been to Fruitland or Weiser before. This ride started in Fruitland and went up to Weiser, then did two loops around Weiser and back to Fruitland. At first glance the map looks like a patchwork of roads spliced together to get to 100 miles, and partially that is true. But the roads that were chosen were mostly nicely paved with very little chip seal. There were very few cars that passed us the whole ride. And the people were all very friendly, helpful, and happy to have us on their ride. The rest stops all had plenty of food, including pie and deviled eggs! I took a map at the start but I didn't look at it once because the turns were pretty well marked.

Anyway, the ride was pretty small, maybe 50 people for the 60 and 100 mile rides combined. The pack took off quickly and we had a nice rotating pace line going for quite a while. About 10 of us skipped the first rest stop and kept going with the pace line. By 60 miles we were down to 6, and by 80 miles 4. Not to brag, but I was in the group of 4 that finished first!

After the ride my friend Justin and I kept riding southeast from Fruitland toward Emmett on quiet country roads. We wound up on highway 52 which was freshly paved almost all the way to Emmett. Total for the day was 146 miles. Great training for Lotoja!


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Nice Work

You sound ready to crush Lotoja!

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Nice work. You guys should come ride with us next Saturday.