Monday Morning Ride (Crash)

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Just wanted to put it out to everyone to say a prayer for Don Larson. We were riding Homer Loop this morning and while coming down Linder a dog crossed his path and he went down. Broken colar bone, hip injury, and some road rash. He didn't hit his head and never blacked out. The crash was bad and will put him out for a little bit. Bike is trashed. Fork and Handle bars broke completely off and the the frame at the head set is destroyed. Make sure you are riding with others. In this instance there was no one else able to help if Matt and I weren't riding with. The dog owner came out after we went to his house and he didn't care and would not help. Very sad that people wont help because they are more worried about law suits or liability rather than helping someone that is injured. We will keep you updated when we find out more. Just wanted the team to know.


Sorry to hear this...

Never like to hear when someone gets in an accident. I'll remember Don in my prayers. Sad to hear that the homeowner wasn't willing to help. Wishing Don a full and speedy recovery!

Good advice to ride in a group. When I am alone I always make sure I have my cell phone and identification with me.

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Don - sorry to hear it! Let us know if there's anything we can do for you.

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Ah crud!! That sure stinks. Will do for sure.

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Don Update

Don will most likely be at Saint Als (I think St. Als) for a couple days. He sounds ok on the phone. Broken Iliac (Hip). 4 Broken Ribs, Partially collapsed lung (Tube in to help). Broken clavicle. Will need surgery. They are not sure on what will need to be done. They will keep us updated. Thanks.

Scary Stuff!

So sorry to hear about this. Don - I hope you're recovery is quick! I rode Homer this morning as well, but didn't leave until 8:30. I've been riding solo for most of my daily rides, and this has me thinking twice for sure.

So so sorry to hear!!

Don Bob and I send you many good wishes and prayers! Thought I had learned my lesson about riding alone when I was in an accident years ago, but it's just never convenient to involve others. Be careful out there everyone and get better quickly Don!

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Update from Don on FB

"I just need to thank everyone for your support and concern after my accident yesterday.

First, I'm doing ok. I will heal. How long that will take, I'm not sure. Pain is going to be the biggest obstacle.
To recap, we were riding (road bikes) this morning and I hit a black Labrador during a high-effort interval; we were going about 25-30mph. I broke my collarbone, 5 ribs, my pelvis, and collapsed my left lung. I'll be in the hospital few days, but looks like I won't need surgery, since my clavicle popped into place at the hospital and my pelvic fracture is displaced less than 2mm. I didn't hit my head or hurt anything that can't heal. My hands have just small scrapes. It could have been so much worse.

It's amazing to receive so many well wishes and offers to do anything we need. I was able to receive a priesthood blessing from great friends before getting to the hospital. Thank you for your concern and love everybody! I'll keep you updated.."

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Word on the street is Don was calling Meridian Cycles discussing new bikes from his hospital bed!

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Wishing a speedy recovery

Man Don - sorry to hear this!! I am just now reading about it, no one mentioned it to me. Will be thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers.

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Speedy recovery

Best wises to a speedy recovery! Glad to hear you will be ok.

So how goes the recovery??

I know it's slow and steady but how are ya feeling these days? Hang in there superman!