LP 200 2012

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Just wanted to take the time to thank Reel Theatre Team 3, Jason, Bobby, and Dan for an awesome experience Saturday. I just realized that I should have been running my strava on the race so unfortunatley I dont have any cool segment times. It look like everyone did well. I drove home on the course in reverse and was amazed on how long some of those segments go for and how hard everyone is pushing for those distances. Cudos to my whole team for pushing hard through each leg. Cudos to Matt for up chucking on the Banner climb and then finishing strong. I havent seen other results but Cudos to everyone elase as well. It was great to see everyone out there working together and cheering. I know the cheers and cow bells helped me on my rides. Thanks for a great weekend of riding.


I have your split times

I tracked all of our team's split times on my phone. I e-mailed them to Dan yesterday, but I will send them to you later today as well.

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