LP 100 2013

First LP 100 this weekend. It was a beautiful day, much better than last year. No rain, hardly a cloud in the sky, nice temperature. Got there with the support vehicle about 1 hour before. Initially I had wanted to leave later than we did but it was nice to have plenty of time to get organized and ready, got to keep that in mind for the future. Warmed up a bit before on the road right before the start, up and down a little hill. Got started and felt good, passed a few people on the first climb. Started drinking Perpetuem right away and it was going down fine. Made it to the top and started pushing harder than I probably should have on the descent. By the time I got to Stanley I was starting to feel worn out. That's when the wind started. It didn't let up the rest of the ride. I was going about 15 mph across the flat to the base of the last climb. In addition the Hammer stuff was giving me an upset stomach by this time. But I wasn't the only one feeling the pain, there were several solo riders I passed that looked about as miserable as I felt. I was also trying to keep something in the tank for the hill. Met up with an acquaintance at the base of the hill and rode along and chatted for a couple miles, which was a nice break. Made it up and down the hill without issue, then the wind started in earnest. I was hoping for a nice little spin into town but it turned into a painful battle with the wind. A couple teams blasted past me, but the rest just sort of creeped past, making it very tempting to grab a little shelter behind them. I managed to avoid the temptation and finally made it to the finish. I was happy to be done but now a bit worried as I didn't really have anything left at the end. Not sure what I'm going to do about the 130 mile ride in 3 weeks. There's plenty of time to get ready for Lotoja between now and September, so will have to step things up this summer.


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Nice work. Sorry about the wind!

As for the Emmett-McCall ride - I'm trying to get more riding in, but I'm not going to be ready. So I'm planning to hang on your wheel as long as possible. I don't have a plan for what happens after I lose you, but at least that gets me started :)