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Just another idea I had last night. Not that I will ever show up because it involves riding bikes but I was thinking since our team rides are so awesome and so many people attend why don't we try something a little different. What I was thinking was we meet somewhere every Thursday night or a different night but it is that night every week. For example Thursday night we meet at the Optimis fields at 7pm and ride the dump loop. This has the same fit and feel as the team rides. The point is to ride as a group. If you decide you want to go hard on a hill that is fine but wait at the top or ride back down and climb with someone the second go around. So for a good portion of the ride we are together.
Just a thought.

04/04/2013 (All day)
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So the idea is to meet every Thurs? (didn't we already kinda want to do that) Or the idea is to have a set specific location? I'm all game for trying to fire these babies back up again... and they're great for dragging others along to sample the awesomeness of Team Reel in person.

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The idea is to just have a location we always meet. That way we don't have to have a ride leader of the week. People could always put in what they want to ride but we have a set location at a set time every week we meet and ride together.
I like the idea of people leading the group ride and making it different all the time but we have tried that now for many years with almost no success. I am to blame as well on this. Just trying to mix it up to get a weekly ride going.

This could work!

I'm game...maybe it will get me out more!

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I am in!

See you Thursday, March 14th at 6:30 PM. I will "lead" this ride (so if I actually race this year, I will have partially completed my requirements for reimbursements). Dump loop, meet at the Optimis park per Harris's suggestion.

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Can you add this to the calendar?

If I'm looking for club ride details, I'd probably check the calendar first.


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This on?

So is this on this Thursday? I need to get my bike ready if it is.

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good question

Brad - is this happening, and is it a ride or ski?

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I hope to be there, Joeli is about to have the baby and I am the only sales guy at work this week so have had to work late all week. If I am not there, sorry but will see you next Thursday.

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Are we riding?

Did anyone ever find out if we are riding tomorrow night?

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I haven't heard

Unfortunately I have a meeting up until 5:00, but maybe I could skip it... If so, should this be one of the season's last time on skis, or just call it a bummer year and grab a bike? Doesn't get dark until after 7:30, right?

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I am riding tonight and meeting at the location Brad said. 6:30 and we can ride where ever people want. Eric I know you talked like you might come. Let's make it a good team ride.

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Looks like Jamie's got other plans already... I'm out.

FYI, sunset shows at 7:48p Ladd, which means you could prob push a bit past 8 w/ flasher.

I'm In!

Weather supposed to be great! Get's dark a little later now. I'll be at Optimist Field around 6:30 give or take a few since I plan to ride there. Fair warning though that I'm not in cycling shape yet. Pace will be moderate and would like to ride for about an hour.

Dang, I'm just looking at

Dang, I'm just looking at the site 2 hours too late! Can I count on next Thursday night at Optimist Field?

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Thursday night

We're trying to get Thursday night as the consistent "club" ride. So it will vary based on attendance, but I take that to mean we stay together on the flats, probably break up on a climb but regroup afterwards.

Meeting at Optimist was ok, but last night the 4 of us (and Harris if his bike was ready) all came from Meridian. So I still prefer to have the ride leader set the starting location. Maybe we could set Optimist as the default if nobody specifies? If we had more people showing up, then it might be nice to just have a set place. But usually we have a small number, so it shouldn't be that hard to coordinate.

Our biggest attendance this year will be in several weeks - when I schedule us to start and leave at Steve O's house - so we can end with a BBQ and pool party! Maybe I should clear that with Steve, but I'm sure he won't mind. Maybe he and Suzy will join us? :)

Count me in!

I love pool parties! Put me down to bring potato chips.