First club 'ride' of 2013! Skiing at Bogus

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First club ride! Let's go skiing. XC is the best, but knuckle-draggers like Tom are welcome (snowboards). More details to follow, based on who is interested.

Come support the first club 'ride' of the year! :)

email me if you can make it.

02/28/2013 (All day)
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Ride on snow

Like it! If my wife doesn't have our baby, I will be there!

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Ok, let's touch base tomorrow.

I'm trying to clear up my afternoon a bit, so hopefully we could get up there with enough time to enjoy some sunshine!

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Count me out now

Sorry, just had 2 people leave the office so I won't be going unless its much later now :(

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I was just going to ask if you could leave a bit early - I was on the hill before 5:30 tonight and it was so nice to catch the last of the sun. So I was shooting for that.

OK - I haven't heard from anybody else, so I'm just going to play this by ear and leave as soon as I can sneak away.

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Just to close the loop

Participation was low - only Dan was interested! So instead of skiing, we ran for an hour. But I wore a jersey, so we were keeping it Reel!

Speedy Ladd!

Ladd was fast! I don't know why he isn't doing triathlons. He's a great swimmer and obviously stellar on the bike. Who knew he could run?