Emmett to McCall

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Interesting race, a friend showed it to me:

1 to X size teams, ride from Emmett to McCall. 138 miles. June 22nd.

Looks kind of fun. Anybody want to go solo but help each other out and ride together?

The official race is cancelled. I'll start a new post giving options.

06/22/2013 (All day)

does look interesting --Don

does look interesting

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Cheaper and new route.

I might give this one a try.

New challenge

Thinking about this one, although climbing is not my strength yet.
3 weeks after LP200!

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I'm signed up for STP a month later

so I should do this thing solo. I could still be talked out of it, but that's my current thinking.

Also doing STP

and have signed up for pedal to the medal solo. 130 miles with climbing should be a nice lead in to a double century without.

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Who is putting this on?

Does anybody know who is putting this on? Nowhere does it say who is backing it. I am a admitted paranoid type, but not knowing the local sponsor is bugging me.

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I wondered the same thing

But I'll still sign up. I just emailed the organizers asking about that sort of thing.

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I appreciated their speedy reply to my questions:

This is a first year program, so no sponsors announced yet. But they are working on it right now.

There will be water at the transitions. Not sure about food yet (still working out details). They are trying to tie in local causes.

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I'm signed up - solo division

Anybody else want to join the fun? Let's ride!

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Is there anymore interest out there to do this race? I don't think I'm as hardcore as Ladd (no solo for me) and thinking another person to do this would be fun to make a team. Just throwing it back out there. :)

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Not a huge list of participants

so the promoter is asking if folks still want to ride. If anybody was sitting on the fence, this would be a good time to send an email to the organizers a possibly sign up! I'm looking forward to a killer day, but it would be way more fun with a few more folks to share the pain :)

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It's the same day as State

It's the same day as State Championship TT (I'm doing that one) and Blue Cruise. The low listing is likely due to those factors.