Eagle Island Cyclocross Race #3 2011

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Sorry I am behind on this post. The race was awesome. Thank You to all for your support and getting me involved in this. I had an amazing time. Can't wait to see what 2012 brings. I'm ready to go. I put this video together of the race. There are pictures and video of others but many of me. My family is still in training on how to document a race. I got a Go Pro for X-Mas and hope to be able to add some cool stuff to the site as well as help Chris with additions. I am still learning. This is not as good as Chris' videos but like I said I am still learning. This is my first video.


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Cool video

I felt like I was really there! :)

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Good Stuff!!

Can't get enough video... good stuff Steve!

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I love it. Good stuff and

I love it. Good stuff and very fun to watch. It's not lost on me, nor should it anyone else, for that “Team Reel Theater” produces the most and best video. I'm frankly sad to have not seen any of Eric or Nate's videos this season, other than Ammon doing some downhill. I think we should all be doing more video. :-)

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Nobody wants to see video of me sitting on the couch. I don't ride a bike anymore. You have to have something interesting to film before you can even move on to the other steps I fail at (removing footage from camera, finding space and cpu power to chug thru said footage, finding time to sift through the imports to cut into cohesive and interesting clips, finding music to overlay that youtube doesn't mute for ya). Actually... the only reason I think you saw that clip Chris is that it was shot/edited/uploaded direct from my phone. :)

...bit of a subject change (but not really)... we really need you down in Moab Chris. :) :)

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Did somebody mention March 25th to March 31st? Ok Chris, I'll put you down for the week...

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It's a possibility but I

It's a possibility but I can't guarantee it. I defend my dissertation on the 13th and if there are no major issues all be done. However, it's possible that I could have to defend it again if there are significant changes that need made. For that reason, I may need to hold off.

But, this is something that I am going to be a regular fixture In the future. It may just not be this year.