Cyclocross: Eagle Island (POV)

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This was my best race of the season. I finally felt healthy and made a strong run at it. This course was fast and suited me well. It was fun to really cut loose and race with some teammates. If I am correct, Terry, Steve L, Dan, and I were all in this race. Did I forget anyone. I hung with Terry pretty well and finished 2 spots behind him. I wish I could have been there to help him out. I also beat "The Kid", Ryan who usually kicks my butt in things. That was nice.

The battle with Brian from Elko Velo was fun. I felt like I could hang with him and did for 3 of the laps, right on his wheel, but the bell lap, I made a move on the hill and heard the roar of the crowd. It was dang fun.

I hope you dig the video.


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Lovin it... that battle until the end was getting me pumped. Nice work on the race and vid!