2012 SWICA Crits

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2012 SouthWest Idaho Cycling Association Criterium Training Series At Expo-Idaho
In Cooperation with

Team Bobs-Bicycles.com
Team Sandals
Team Volkswagon Boise


$10 a race, $5 for additional races the same night

Unlimited season pass for all races for which you are eligible is $65
available online only until 5/7/2012 and is only at http://bit.ly/JGldXu

$10 Learn to Race/Upgrade Clinic at the Fairgrounds Thursday Night May 10

More details here

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For those that were wanting more info... here's the scoop I posted a couple months ago. There are only 4 more Tuesday's left, including tomorrow.

Also, for those that are curious. The "E Flight" which includes day licensed (haven't purchased an annual race license) cat 5 racers (new to races) had 17 racers in it last week, runs 25mins, and starts at 5:45pm.

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I heard a bunch of chatter about a group going tomorrow. I think Ladd, Steve, Rob, Eric, Brad, Tom, Chris, Toni, Matt M should go tomorrow and just regulate. I plan on coming and doing the B flight. Who is in? For those who think crits are scary these are really mellow to get started on crit racing.

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We won't all be able to race together, but that's OK. I'll be racing the "C flight" w/ Brad, Chris, Rob. The new guys will need to buy an annual license if they want to race the "C flight" with the other master's (over 35yo) riders though (at least that's what the flyer says), but just trying the water in the "E flight" as Cat5 with day license will be great for now. Would make for fun evening!

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Do you need a License to ride. Is there a national license fee or a fee for each race? Is it like cyclocross registration?

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Day License

Yes, very similar to cyclocross where there is an annual license for any road racing. The flyer says you need an annual license to race the higher ranked races, BUT, you can race with a single day license (purchased at registration) in the Cat 5 race with no problems.

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Road License also good for Cyclocross

You will not need to buy two licenses. When you buy your road license it is also good for cyclocross. Also if you buy a Mtn. bike license, it is also good for cyclocross. I plan to renew my license today and attend the race Tuesday. I think we could have a bunch of us if Eric, Brad, Steve, Chris, Myself, Tony, Jeff, Tom, and whoever else can make it show up.

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Races. I'm In

Talked to the wife about our schedule and I am free. Yes some of us have to get permission first. I am in. I will try and get my license done and will plan on being at the race tomorrow. Should be fun.

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I'm excited

It's going to be fabulous! I should race both C and B flights. I'll also be there early enough to watch and cheer for those in the E flight at 5:45.

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Maybe I should downgrade so I can race the B flight too. :) If I've still got some spunk in me I may stick around to try the A race.

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Tonights Races

How do I know what Cat to race? You guys are doing several races. What race do I sign up for or do you do more than one?

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Crit Categories

Since you've got an annual license now, you can choose between 2 races or even do both.

The E flight @ 5:45pm, racing as a Cat5
The C flight @ 6:40pm, racing as a Masters B 35+ (which includes any Cat3, 4, 5 over 35)

Just as some comparisons...
I can race either the C flight (over 35, cat 3) or the A flight as a Cat3.
Harris & Nate can race only the B flight, since they're Cat 4 but UNDER 35 years old.
Chris can race the B flight as Cat4, or the C flight as an over 35yo Cat4.
Matt Hanson, can race only the A flight... since he's a Cat2, under 35 years old.
etc, etc...


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Well it was really fun to be out there mixing it up with the boys again. Hope to see more of you out there next week. Chris, Steve L., Eric, and myself showed up to race together. Eric and I were up front taking turns covering attacks and I was feeling pretty good. Chris and Steve L. were solidly right in the mix as well. at about 3/4 into the race I was up near the front when a strong move went. I had riders coming around me on both sides coming into a corner and I played it safe. Big mistake. Eric, played a very smart move and jumped on the wheel of the guy making the attack. I lost touch with that group but battled back to finsh descent, but I was still a little disappointed in myself:( Eric however was racing great in the lead group and by the last lap there was just he and one other guy. Eric got a jump on him and won easily. Big props to Eric!! It was a blast to be out there with friends rocking and rolling. Chris road a very solid race and finished in the second group with me. This was Steve L's first crit and did much better than most any of us in our first crits. He rocked! Thanks guys.

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Great Night!

Yeah everything that Rob said. :) Also, you forgot the part about Chris back at the front of the chase pack blocking too. Awesome! To tell the truth when I went up into the break with those guys I was absolutely on the rivet. A couple laps into our break and I thought I'd made a big mistake launching up there with them and was waiting for myself to hit the wall. There were a couple laps when I couldn't even take a pull to keep it moving and was just hanging by a thread with them. But apparently they were all hurting too, since by the last lap our 6 guys had attrition-ed down to 3 actually in the mix... and then only 2 with a half lap to go. I attacked about 2/3rds into the lap with all I had left, expecting more of a reaction but they were all toast. YEAH! Great to be out with the crew again. Kurt said it was all Haskel's "recruiting" video and expected even more next week. :)

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It felt good!

Here is my perspective. Let me know what you think.

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Tuesday Crits

I had a great time trying out a new type of racing. Thought I was I shape and quickly realized that this is a different animal. I had very little technique and not a lot of gas in the tank. At first I though it woul be good if I could say somewhere where I could see Rob. About 3/4 of the way through the race I couldn't make up the gaps that had been created. All I could do at that point was hope to not get lapped by Eric. Yes I accomplished that and was able to hold him off. What a race. I plan to make the rest of them and hope to do better. Eric, Rob, and Chris are beasts. Matt was awesome in the A flight. I was in awe of how fast these guys are. Great experience. Thanks Chris for the videos. That is what got me interested.

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I love that the group is getting more confident with Kurt racing. Now the several folks have done it and realized that it's not as scary as previously imagined, I hope we'll see more people come out. Having four of us in one race last week turned some heads. We even had some folks come and watch.

Let's continue our winning ways this week and see about getting more folks into and excited about this very creative and compelling form of racing. For years, my goal was to hang with the group as long as possible, and when I got dropped, two time trial until the group caught me again, jump back on and hold it as long as possible.

That approach has paid off this year and I've actually been able to get some results. Finished in a top 10 last week. :-)

Don't be scared, come race, learn, and enjoy it with us. If nothing else, come watch. You get the bug (again).


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I will be there tonight. Sorry can't help with your train though.

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I'll be there

I am going to try and race yours also.

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Fantastic Showing

More to come on the race tonight. I'll fast track the video too. But I must say, it was awesome to race with such a great team. Brad, Steve L., Don, Rob, Eric and I were all in the same race and employed some team tactics that made the race much more fun.

Harris rocked the B flight and both Eric and Matt killed it in the A. Well done, Team Reel.


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Awesome Night

Yeah, what a fun night out there. We need to make a better plan next week and really throw down. With the firepower we had in that C race there's no reason we shouldn't have way more control... especially in the last few laps.

Several people were asking about avg speed, etc... so here are my stats from the last 3 C races for all your info.

6/12/12 - C Flight:
    Duration: 26:57
    Work: 412 kJ
    TSS: 58 (intensity factor 1.147)
    Norm Power: 287
    VI: 1.12
    Distance: 11.066 mi
                Min Max Avg
    Power: 0 1317 255 watts
    Heart Rate: 116 194 172 bpm
    Cadence: 5 130 90 rpm
    Speed: 3.2 34.1 23.9 mph

6/19/12 - C Flight:
    Duration: 27:19
    Work: 463 kJ
    TSS: 61.9 (intensity factor 1.176)
    Norm Power: 306
    VI: 1.08
    Distance: 11.562 mi
                Min Max Avg
    Power: 0 1147 283 watts
    Heart Rate: 120 191 171 bpm
    Cadence: 6 119 89 rpm
    Speed: 9.5 32.1 24.5 mph

6/26/12 - C Flight:
    Duration: 26:44
    Work: 466 kJ
    TSS: 71.7 (intensity factor 1.28)
    Norm Power: 333
    VI: 1.14
    Distance: 11.319 mi
                Min Max Avg
    Power: 0 1275 291 watts
    Heart Rate: 112 193 174 bpm
    Cadence: 16 121 92 rpm
    Speed: 0 33.9 24.6 mph